Technology Consulting

Finding Solutions

Whether you are a CEO or a CTO, we're able to help you make intelligent technology decisions and adopt best practices and sound strategies for your organization. We can also work with you and your development team to strengthen your codebase and eliminate any performance or scalability bottlenecks.

Project Rescue


Does your application suffer from performance issuses? Will it not scale in the face of a surge of traffic? Is technical debt causing the maintenance cost of your project to skyrocket? Look to us to strengthen your product and decrease the cost of ongoing maintenance and further development.

Rapid Prototyping

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

In just a few short days, we can put together a prototype tha can be presented to either investors or actual customers to guage the feasibility of your idea.

Application Development

Scaling Ideas

We're experts at making ideas reality. Our adherence to agile methodology and best practices allow us to build the right product the first time. We work in short, one week iteraction cycles, which facilitate transparency and on time and in budget delivery.

Web Application Development

Ruby on Rails

Video Application Development


Mobile Application Development